Comedians this site is for you!

A showcase is to show off the talent of new comedians. Stand-up-Showcase wants to help this process run smoother and get more shows running so comedians can get found or lean what they need to in order to become the best comedian they can be.

We are providing a place to post comedian bio/profile information also called an Electronic Press Kit. " EPK ". Comedians can find available booking information and sign up for shows being put together by other users of the site…hence the community approach. The goal of the site is to help you get that stage time that you want so badly. It’s all free to you we just ask that if you have a website put a link to us on your site, it can be to your profile page, even from your Facebook page. Please spread the word…tell your comedian friends, we are a new site and the more members the better the site will be for all of us, So get seen and get booked and be a part of “The Stand up Showcase”.

Get people to your open mike night and shows.

Open Mikes

Get the word out about your Open Mike or Show…its free and helps everyone…You get comedians to the open mike, comedians get stage time. This is the bread and butter of the comedian’s skill development… So Post your Open mike and keep it up to date… Open mike night open and close every day so lets share the info, and keep the site up to date.

Get a free page to list your comedy chops

Get your free Electronic Press Kit. "EPK". This is the best way to get your information out there...So you can get found! Get stage time! Get Better! Post your free Bio Page, your Comedian profile is easy to use and update. You even get your own URL for Business cards…Even if you have a webpage, get listed here and be a part of a new community of comedian. A press kit contains your pictures, a brief history of your life or who you are, work experience, future events and most important your contact information.

The Showcase Site is for New Comedians so we will follow newbie Comedian Jess Carpenter through the learning process of Books, Coaches, Classes and Lectures to see what he comes away with and what each can offer you the new comedian. These are reviews and we are not related to any of the products... There are so many ways new comedians can strengthen their act...but remember there are no quick fixes and nothing can replace stage time and open mikes … you need to always perform inform of an audience …Comedy is a skill that can not be strengthened alone.

We will show you off for free!

We are all about getting comedians found and getting comedian stage time…We want to make you viral… How with a Podcast… Signe up, get your Free Bio Page or EPK then let us know what your best bit is …Send Us your YouTube link and we will put you in the running for the Showcase Podcast… We will be posting podcast each month with some of the funniest new comedian on the site…So Sign up and let us know what you want the world to see.

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