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Thank you for your interest in Stand-up Showcase.

General Inquiry: I got a Question

Questions about the site in general, if you need help with something that is not a bug, etc.


If you have a service that you would like to offer Comedians or Promoters and it will fit our service model feel free to contact us. A good example would be: Photographers that can offer their services for taking headshots.

Bugs: I found a Bug

This is a new site and will inevitably have some bugs. I am a comedian just trying to help my fellow comics so please be patient and all the kinks will be worked out.

Suggestions for a better site: I have an Idea

We want to make this experience the best it can be for all our users, if you have an idea of what can make the site better or functionality ideas feel free to make your suggestion, you never know you can may see it implemented.

If you have any questions regarding the sites usage and Privacy Policy and Terms of Use