Find Comedy Shows and Comedians Free Electronic Press Kits (EPK) for Comedians Wed, 02 Feb 2011 00:07:37 +0000 en hourly 1 Record your set Wed, 02 Feb 2011 00:01:48 +0000 admin Record every set you do make this your habit! Just to bring a digital recorder or iPhone/ Smart Phone with you to all your open mikes or show and record your set...

Then the hard part comes...listed to your set! If you are anything like I am you cant stand to hear your own voice recorded...but you will get so much information from this habit...more than you would have ever thought.
To begin with you will know if you performed the set the way you thought you had or wanted to... When your on stage you may even change the wording for better (hopefully) or worse.  Its inter
esting to me how some times I would think I had a fantastic set ... would wait to listen to the recording thinking I did so well I'll just skim through it and when you actually do its so much worse than you thought... Don't kid yourself the recorder never lies... it work in the the other way as well you may think you did awful and it was a lot better than you thought.. Never depend on your memory from being on stage its not dependable.

So your listening to your set...what are you looking for?
How is your delivery?
Are there laughs?
Are they where they should be?
Any bits fall short?
Did you ad-lib anything that you could use again or that you can use for another bit?
These are all questions you should be asking yourself... Clean up your act get rid or the dead weight or tweak it and then practice it to deliver it better and do your set again and repeat until you have a polished set.
I have to say I am a bit of a tech nerd so I have gadgets...I ended up getting the Digital recorder when I first started and it was OK... The quality is fantastic...its just that all it does is record... so your carrying this thing around for one job only...I have an IPod that I record on and that work well and I can listen to it when ever I want but at the same time I use the note pad feature on it to write my bits and it has a camera and so many other apps available... So iPod works out great... I also have a has all the Ipod has as well as a phone and the camera on this thing has a flash and shoots some great video. I still like to use the iPod for most thing Comedy...besides it automatically Syncs with my IPad with out me doing when I write my bits on the note pad and then walk into the office and pick up the iPad it will have the same notes as the iPod... Awesome...
But you can use any one of these or any recording device you want...Just make it a habit and listen to your sets.


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notebook of ideas Wed, 29 Dec 2010 18:45:06 +0000 admin If you're like most comedian, you have a notebook full of ideas, premises, half jokes, dialogue snippets, and random thoughts.

Currently, I have 34 Ipod audio files, 45 pages, and countless scraps of paper full of AMAZING IDEAS!!!  At this point in my life , in the middle of a party, dinner, and even sex, I would write down or record an idea  from a Eureka moment. But, have I read them or listened to them? No.

So, my new years resolution, I decided to get out my old notebooks, dig out my audio files and go over my ideas. It was sad listening to the endless enthusiasm of myself recording an idea that, in the light of day, was either vague, hack, stupid, or nonsensical. At best, some had merit, but would take weeks and sometimes years to develop, write, shape, rewrite, and then, what?  Rent a theater and produce a one-person show?  Spend five years shopping around a screenplay?

That's when I realized that it's not ideas that are worth while - it's what one does with them.  They all need "work." Everyone has ideas, but like eggs, you've got to sit on them, hatch them, feed them, and then endure the disappointment of spending your time on something that will, most likely, never get off the ground.

So now, I'm going to break up with my files of ideas. And as I meet new ideas, I'm going to let them go with the ease of a 20 year old frat boy leaving a one-night stand. Hello idea, work it out, test it...if its C or D level material, I will drop it...goodbye bad bit.  You are not going to make my A level set. I'll drop you off at as Facebook status entry, or maybe drop you into a line at my next open mike. And if you keep coming back, well, let's see if either the idea or my talent for finding the funny is ready this time around.



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Greg Dean Formula Mon, 27 Dec 2010 21:54:03 +0000 admin Step by Step to Stand-Up Comedy
By Greg Dean

I purchased  "Step by Step to Stand Up Comedy"  Book about 2 years ago… I read about 5 pages and never picked it up again, well until recently!

I just opened an account on Audible and Downloaded the Audio Version… I myself learn better with sound and video vs. reading a book so this worked out a lot better.

I also understand there are a lot of people out there who are not fans of the Greg Dean method… That’s fine. I am trying to learn everything I can and see what sticks with me and what works will make me a better comedian and communicator.

I have to say when I first started listening it was a bit confusing… I was use to the Judy Carter style of joke writing and performing witch has helped me improve dramatically. But I decided I would give a listen to skim the information then a concentrated listed when I have a long drive or relaxing and able to just listen… with my book in hand. I am so glad I did it this way.

At first it sounded like a formula that came right out of a English class with a guy who had a goofy kind of voice…even the example jokes are kind of goofy not my kind of funny. But the formula then clicks and all the sudden you realize this can work with just about anything you want it to.

Keep in mind that the vocabulary between comedy coaches differs so what once coach calls and act out another may refer to as POV = Point of View. I also like to analytical way he is laying it out… It really helps demystify a lot of little things for me. I will be using this technique witch even Dean says you should personalize to fit your comedic style. I think this will help me write some shorter format jokes and tighten what I currently have.

So my next step is to create a “Dean Style” set and shop it around the open mike nights to see how it feels and what the response will be.

If you are interested in:


Audio Version: file is available here… I joined a plan where you pay like $7.00 and you get a free book a month… I have already listed to 2 books and I have only had the account for 6 days.

DVD and Class info:

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Learning to Host Sun, 12 Dec 2010 20:11:20 +0000 admin I have been getting more opportunities to host and with each time learning more about how to do it the right way. Now I can’t go to a show without paying more attention to the Host / MC and learning what to do right and wrong.

I am one of the worst Hosts or MCs’ Ever… I do everything wrong and I am way too nervouse on stage to be the first guy on stage…I need to work on Hosting…and I need help.

I also was happy to find this book

Here is what I keep in with me when hosting Tools of the trade A way to time the performers…I use an iPod app I light…you can use the iPod Note cards and pens for the introductions of each comedian.

Dan Rosenberg’s list of rules … I read this list before each show.


RULE #1: The Audience MUST Like You!
RULE #2: Never work blue as the emcee.
RULE #3: Keep The Politics To Yourself.
RULE #4: Talk TO The Audience
RULE #5: Get At Least THREE Interactions
RULE #6: Do not go right into material!
RULE #7: Move The Mike Stand Out Of The Way!
RULE #8: Leave The Stage The Way You Found It!
RULE #9: Give A GREAT Intro!
RULE #10: Get The Intro Right!
RULE #11: Keep The Show Rolling!
RULE #12: Never Bitch About The Room Or The Size Of The Crowd!
RULE #13: Always ask the booker or club owner what announcements they need you to make!
RULE #14: Always have the tools of the trade!
RULE #15: Never Make Fun Of The Waitstaff!
RULE #16: Do Not Rip On Other Comics On Stage!
RULE #17: Dress For Success!
RULE #18: Do the “Wait and Shake”!
RULE #19: Sell If You Have Too!
RULE #20: Never Do Material After The Headliner!
RULE #21: Use A Callback, But Use It Wisely!
RULE #22: Stay SOBER!
RULE #23: Be Prepared For ANYTHING!
RULE #24: Treat EVERY show like it’s THE show!

It amazes me how often these rules are broken I broke a lot of them my last 2 times hosting… I have a show in a couple of days that I will be hosting… Let’s hope the 3rd time is a charm.

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Judy Carter Stand-up Consultations Thu, 13 May 2010 18:01:36 +0000 admin The Judy Carter Standard Package

Have Judy Carter or other professional Hollywood comedy writers help you realize your career goals. Whether you are just starting out, or TV is eating up your "A-List" material, Judy has a coaching plan that can help you.

Work with Judy in three one-on-one consultations and two email exchanges to write material.

  • Initial 30 minute phone conversation to discuss goals and scheduling.
  • Three one-hour sessions
  • Digital audio files of your conversations
  • Two email correspondences to punch-up your material

Judy Carter and My “One on One”.  I have had 2 different meetings with Comedy Coaches. All of them had their own approach, but I have to say because Judy Carter is published and has The DVD, I had a good idea of what to expect. My material that I came up with from using her “Formula” for lack of better words was already a lot leaner and meaner than my previous bits. But with her input will turn out to be a lot stronger and helpful in attaining a better idea of who my persona is.

We discussed my life experience, what would be good for material and how to present it. I was happy with the suggestions and the fixes. I have a lot of work to do to convert the first meeting into bits that will be performed. But I am thrilled and stoked to move forward in this direction. But one common bit of advice I heard from all of the comedy coaches is to have the show in the show…Translation, build your act like it was a sitcom and really develop the characters and paint a picture for the audience to see where you are coming from.

I left the first meeting with a hours worth of Digital recording to refer to, notes and motivation.  Have to say I am bit of a geeky fan of hers.

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Writing Workshop with Steve Shaffer at Laughing Buddha Comedy School Wed, 28 Apr 2010 07:59:22 +0000 admin

The Laughing Buddha Comedy School workshop:
Writing and Performing Stand Up Comedy
Speaker: Steve Shaffer

This is one of the many workshops that The Laughing Buddha Comedy School offers.

It was a great pleasure to see Steve Shaffer as the speaker for this The Laughing Buddha Comedy School workshop, its small enough to were you can really connect.

I first looked up more information on Steve Shaffer to first see if his style was in the same area as my own. I make a habit of this if I am paying to get their advice!

There were some great videos showing his work. Steve Shaffer has a great career, the type most comedians would be envies of.  Steve Shaffer as well as Jeff Lawrence made sure the space was comfortable enough to relax, but structured to make sure everyone got their time to get personalized feedback from both Steve Shaffer and Jeff Lawrence.

Because this is a writing workshop it was limited to 10 students. We each performed and then Steve Shaffer (with the help of my fellow class mates) put the bits under the comedic microscope to help find act outs, mixes, strengthen the idea and generally help make the bits cleaner and stronger.

Because this was a Laughing Buddha Comedy School workshop (any Workshop) I tend to know to bring my current act and a recording device, pen and paper.

I did make the mistake of bringing very new material, literally Virgin, just written bits. I did not yet perform these live at an open mike. This was both good and bad for me.

When it was time to present the 5 min act: It was far from polished and I had to rely on my notes. The act outs were not there and because I am still new, it’s still awkward to perform stand up with out an audience to respond to. But not only did I receive feedback and specific advice about where I can get more laughs, and even a call back. It was nice. I am still working on the bits but have a stronger set already. Worth the price!

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Judy Carter’s “Comedy Career in a Box” Fri, 16 Apr 2010 04:43:28 +0000 admin

I was more than pleased with these DVD’s. It’s like having a class for inspiration and a reminder on what not to do, I think I learned enough information to cut 3 years of learning curve. I am amazed how much more creative I can be about finding material. It has opened the world to me as a bounty of options for new material.  I think it was worth every penny. I go to a lot of workshops and classes and this felt very comfortable and easy to understand your concepts.  You can jump write into you comedy DVDs at any time to refresh good habits. The work sheets are now built into my writing kit as well as learning how important a comedy buddy is. Great DVD for anyone starting off in this crazy Stand up Comedy world.


More info here

The author of  The Comedy Bible: From Stand-up to Sitcom--The Comedy Writer's Ultimate "How To" Guide puts her acclaimed Los Angeles standup workshop on DVD. The package includes three interactive DVDs - six hours of step-by-step comedy instruction by Judy - and industry trade secrets from 18 of Hollywood's top managers, agents, casting directors, bookers and producers.

Judy Carter's definitive interactive guide for comics, writers, speakers, actors and anyone who wants to make money from being funny.

Comedy Career in a Box will help you to:

  • Move past writer's block
  • Exit the "hack" zone
  • Score college gigs
  • Break into the corporate comedy market
  • Find representation
  • Present yourself as a professional
  • Create material that will rock a room
  • Instantly make money writing for radio

And so, so much more..

Order now  Through The Stand up Showcase and receive
off by
putting in this code FIFTYOFF

The Definitive Guide for Your Comedy Career. On DVD.

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Crowd Work Workshop at Laughing Buddha Comedy School Tue, 13 Apr 2010 14:20:19 +0000 admin

Last summer was my deepest delve into the comedy community, I was hitting opens mikes any where I could get on stage, and the concept of stage fright was always there, but did not hinder my act. I realize I did have times I strayed or forget my lines but I moved on and had gotten some good reaction from my work. This was satisfying and in a way it spoiled me.  I never got heckled always had a good time, just wrote and performed as much as I possibly could.

It then all ended for me and I need to have a healthy dose of reality. I got HECKELED bad enough to really shake me up. It was one of the most dreams like moment… typical nightmare actually.

Your on stage, you just started your set and there is a guy in the audience literally doing a chant …”Noooo Hooo Mooo”. Over and over:
I am thrown off I start looking around the audience and they are just staring at me, I have nothing to say to the guy, as well as I start forgetting my set.

I make it through some of my older stuff that I have in memory, but with out and true emotion so I did not get much response. I was angry enough to want to take the guy outside a beat the shit out of him…But did not. Even worse the Heckler was a friend of one of the comedian’s performing that night. No excuse, the comedian offers his apologies saying I triggered one of their inside Jokes.

This does not help. I am now shaken from my already thin Vail of stage confidence.  I tried to do 2 open mikes after and they were disasters. I went out to The Cabaret in North East Philadelphia. The room is known to be nothing more than a room to tell Dick Jokes, But I needed the stage time to get back on the horse again. I ended up literally being the second to last person to perform , I was book ended with a Guy doing bird calls …no jokes , Just bird calls and a woman who was not quite mental together being made funny of by the guys who run the room. Not a good room, the other comedians do not stick around to hear others they hit and run. Its not work hitting the stage if there is no audience…Or so I think at this time, It may be just my ignorance at this point.

So I told everyone I was going to start writing for some time and haven been doing the open Mike Circuit I use to be so into. I then bought the Judy Carter CD and have been doing the lessons and working with The Laughing Buddha Comedy School  workshops in NY…still not back to getting stage time yet…

But: Then I went to a workshop in NY , The Laughing Buddha Comedy School "The Art and Craft of Crowd Work"
w/ Special Guest Instructor Jeffrey Johns

I learned about having the skills to deal with the audience and it was a great workshop. I actually had a stage time situations to deal with and I was critiqued and then given advice on what to do. I feel a lot better. I stuck around for the Open mike that night and was happy I got my stage time. I need to just own the stage and be prepared. Being prepared will give you confidence in all situations.

I now there are 3 shows coming up that I said yes to.

A police benefit

A Benefit for a Clinic

The Philly Phoniest Contest

I want to do well in all of them and officially get my act together in 12 days for the first benefit. I need to get back to owning the stage.

So I have to get back to the open mikes and now I am looking at them as a Job not a social night, Rule one.

It is a job well isn’t it? So treat it with respect:

No drinking.

Own the Stage.

Record your sets.

Practice the bits during the day

Listen to them at the gym and on walks

Commit to a set and stick with if for the first show.

I have my game plan, lets go out there and play the game. Keep the confidence I regained from the Laughing Buddha Comedy School "The Art and Craft of Crowd Work" and put it into motion. I am getting back on stage and back on track.

The Laughing Buddha Comedy School "The Art and Craft of Crowd Work"

w/ Special Guest Instructor Jeffrey Johns and Jeff Lawrence

Jeffrey Johns (opening act for Lisa Lampanelli) is a master at opening shows and warming up the crowd!

Go deeper into one of the mopst necessary and neglected craft in stand up....crowd work! You will learn hands on and be able to ...add a very powerful tool to your comic arsenal!

* Develop your persona through crowd work
* How to prepare as a host
* What producers expect
* How to handle hecklers
* When to work in material
* How to get work as an emcee and much much more!

*Students taking this course will have the opportunity to co host a show at NY Comedy Club in the coming weeks.

This class is limited to 8 Students!

Go to http://www.lbcomedyschool

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Finding your true “Comic Voice” workshop at Laughing Buddha Comedy School Sun, 03 Jan 2010 04:23:24 +0000 admin

Finding your true comic voice!!!
The Laughing Buddha Comedy School  workshop Finding your true comic voice!!!
Frank Santopadre and The Laughing Buddha Comedy School 
Frank has written for Chris Rock, Bill Murray, Gilbert Gottfried and is currently writing for Joy Behar.
His work can be seen in the NY Times, on HBO, National Lampoon, and many other major networks. 

Saturday, Nov. 14th
1:00 PM to 5:30 PM
on stage at the
Broadway Comedy Club.
318 West 53rd St.

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Philadelphia Comedy Aacademy Sun, 18 Oct 2009 04:44:58 +0000 admin

The Class Info:

Instructor: Brad Trackman

Location: Helium Comedy Club
2031 Sansom St,
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Classes will focus on:

  • How to break into NYC and LA clubs and become a weekend regular.
  • Getting a tv agent and manager.
  • Microphone technique and improving stage mechanics.
  • The difference between being a city comic and a road comic. The pros and cons of both and finding the perfect medium.
  • Developing an original persona and learning how to write for it.
  • How to develop comedy ideas into a real stand up act.
  • Different styles of writing stand up.
  • How to go about actually making a living as a comedian.
  • Make a dvd of your performance by a videographer from comcast.


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