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Judy Carter
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Joke Thief

To catch a joke thief is so much better than actual rumors of it happening. I remember reading about Robin Williams and hearing about some of the comedians once they get on TV...(Look to the Right) My Girl Judy Carter talks about stealing jokes in the first paragraph of her book and in the beginning of her DVD and Audio programs... Stealing is our only rule. Our comedian golden rule. So be on the up and up and realize if you are taking the work of another comedian...your are only cheating yourself.

I want to just finish this with a word to those of you who worked your but off writing a bit that is really close to another comedians work. That does happen... The California Comedy Coach says that we may have seen a comedian do this set forgotten about it and then wrote the joke not realizing it. But there is no way you will end up with it being word for word like this guy did.

We can even have bits that are in the style of or "Seinfeld or Mitch esk" that is also not stealing. I have been in the room when a comedian calls another comedian out for it. but unless its your joke being lifted I would stay out of it. Some times comedians do sell bits to one another, so I would just say don't be one to soil another comedians good name because you didn't know what you were talking about. You cant take that stuff back. Its too small of a community and that stuff gets around true or not.

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