Gay and Funny has always been a staple from old Hollywood movies with the token gay character to today with channels like LOGO where it’s all gay all the time… We have a spot in the industry. We have a voice to be heard and we are funny. is owned and operated by a gay out comedian. I understand what its like to have to sit through 2 hrs of homophobe jokes and Dick jokes to get your 5 min of open mike time. The Best thing we can do is come out and be a part of the Comedy Community. We can make the world laugh with up…If you are a comedian and you want to be listed as a gay comedian and know what’s going on or want to help the site by posting gay friendly comedy open mikes and club dates. The site is free, You have a place to send people to see your Bio or Electronic Press Kit “EPK” just keep it up to date and please tell others about he site we are nothing without members.

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Showcase: Hijinks Comedy Showcase Open Mic
Day of Week: Wednesday
Address: Brewster's (Inside Laurel Lanes) 2825 Route 73 South
City, State: Maple Shade, New Jersey
Time: 9:00 pm till 11:30 pm
Cover: FREE
Phone: 856 231-8489
Stage Times Available: 3-5 min,5-7 min
Show Needs: This Open Mic has sign ups at 8:00 and the show starts at 9:00.
Show info: Free Parking, Large room, They welcome first timers and veterans alike. A great place to work out your material.




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