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Judy Carter
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Stage Fright

Public Speaking and Stage Fright Turns out People fear Public Speaking more that Death!

I got into Public Speaking because I wanted to fight my fear of public speaking, I have the worst stage fright and I even have a hard time just talking to a group of strangers in a social situation. You know the old saying just picture the audience naked or in their undies… Its odd that this is the exact way we feel when we get up on that stage. That is just how most of us feel “naked and vulnerably” ourselves.

So here are some things I learned today from the Audio Book Public Speaking Super Star: To begin with if you are getting up on that stage and you do not feel confident the LIE… No one wants to hear how you are scared…then they get scared for you and that is not why you are up there… Pity is Shitty! So if you don’t feel confident tell yourself you are! Make yourself believe “I can do this” and you are ready for this. If you walk up there and say to yourself you’re going to crash and burn, then whose fault is it that you crash and burn…thats right its your fault… So “Lie about it until you have it!”

Here are 7 tips that will get you to be fear less and confident have it work for you… and remember these need to all be done to be effective and you will see why… Stage fright is a state of mind… that voice in your head can not negate what you tell it… it believes you so tell it what is going to happen and you will do a great job

1) Don’t label it Stage freight … if you feel the heart beating, the hands shaking the mouth going dry… all that nervous energy call it something else that will make you ready to go on stage…use that adrenalin to your advantage…Embrace it as I am getting into the zone, this is great, use it … Here is my booster shot … this is what I needed… you want this adrenalin rush… its a great thing… Athlete’s love this moment that is the juice they need … the competitive edge… your body is getting you ready for the moment… How kool is that! So remember to label it something good and use it to your advantage.

2) Only speak in the affirmative about the situation… you are not scared you’re excited… you don’t want to say to your self that bad things will happen, you want to say only good thing… I get to go on stage, I am lucky enough to have this stage time, this opportunity; this is going to be great. Don’t think you have to do something think of it more as a get to than a have to.  If you think you will do great you will have a better chance an actually performing better? If you say how bad you will do you will just prove yourself right. I am good at this; I will do a great job,

3) Have a mantra… a one line statement… this will be your pep talk, your trigger to get you into the Zone. if you are an inspirational speaker you could say “Today I will make a difference” Michael Jordan used the mantra “This is what I do, This is who I am and I am good at it! ” So think of what your mantra will be and use it. This will be your way to Psyche yourself up and remind you just how awesome or lucky you are… so make up a mantra and use it.

4) Visualization: have a picture in your head of what it looks like to be up there and doing great, how you’re talking, how you’re standing, and what the audience reactions are. Sounds corny but if you visualize it and think about all those little things it will help you connect with the emotion of the vision, it will be a great way to get in touch with the emotion… feel the emotion behind that vision… it will help.

5) Video your rehearsal/open mics…  We hate to see ourselves in action on video… When you’re on stage time and things move differently. We remember things differently but the camera is just like an audience member it will tell you what you actually said, how you were standing what happen on the stage. Now you need to view the video in 2 ways. First just watch the video normally listen to what your saying, how your moving, standing, everything. Take notes on what you need to do differently. Then Watch the Video with the sound off…yes no sound: This will make you concentration on your body language… especially the opening see how you arrive on stage… what are you saying? What is your body communicating to the audience… if you know how to read body language you will know what you are saying at that moment verbally and take notes and improve it. We are our own worst critics… so you will also see you aren’t as bad as you thought you were… The more you know your body language the more comfortable you will be on stage.

6) How do you get to Carnegie Hall… Practice , Practice, Practice Nothing happens over night you need to practice you need to find ways to get on stage, find any opportunity, volunteer, get on stage as much as you can, do speeches at church, at clubs, anywhere you can, even at home. Deliver you presentation standing up… don’t sit do it the way you would in-front of an audience. Practice your speech in the clothes you will be performing it… Sounds silly bit this works well to make you comfortable. Practice with real people, have at least 3 colleagues sit there and listen to the presentation, and get them to do some Q&A. Have them ask questions the way the people you’re performing for. Practice only a section at a time… then put it together and time yourself so you stay on par.

7) Meet and greet the people before you go on, as they are coming in… chit chat, ask question be interested about them. Why did they come? What are they looking to learn? Etc. It will make them like you more and feel more connected when you are on the stage, they are now your buddy and want to see you do well. You will feel more at ease seeing familiar faces in the audience. The larger the audiences the earlier you should get there… get set up and then use that rest of the time to set up a report with the audience. So talk to everyone. Especially the back of the room don’t let them feel forgotten.


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